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PART III (1887-1898)

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.


ReGl duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. In lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.


1898. Dick (A.B.) Company (D-98-01)

This folder contains correspondence relating to the business of the A. B. Dick Co. There are only 2 items for 1898, including a letter regarding Edison's sale of his stock in the company.

1898. Edison, TA. - General (D-98-02)

This folder contains documents, primarily correspondence, covering a variety of subjects. Some of the material relates to personal matters. Documents that deal with more than one subject or that do not fall under the main subject categories arc also filed in this folder. Among the items for 1898 are letters regarding Edward H. Johnson's relationship with Edison; a proposed letter to President William McKinley on behalf of the inventor, Obcrlin Smith; and the accidental death of the British electrical engineer, John Hopkinson. Also included are letters pertaining to the gift of a phonograph to long-time Edison associate, Spencer Trask, items about William J . Hammer's search through Edison’s records for documentation of electric railway experiments, and a brief note from Andrew Carnegie to Edison.

1898. Edison, TA. - Articles (D-98-03)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents requesting Edison to write articles; correspondence relating to articles about Edison and his inventions; and letters from journalists seeking to interview Edison. Included is a questionnaire about high explosives by inventor Hudson Maxim.

1898. Edison, TA. - Clubs and Societies (D-98-04)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to Edison's membership and activities in social clubs and professional societies. Included is a letter containing Edison's comments regarding the failure of the Royal Society and the Academic des Sciences to formally recognize his accomplishments.

1898. Edison, T.A. - Employment (D-98-05) [not Filmed]

This folder contains routine correspondence from or about employees and former or prospective employees. Most of the items are requests for employment at the West Orange laboratory or various Edison companies. Also included are two letters to Francis R. Upton by Thomas Commerford Martin, co-editor of the Electrical Engineer, regarding candidates for the superintendent position at an incandescent lamp firm.

1898. Edison, T.A. - Family - General (D-98-06)

This folder contains correspondence by and about Edison’s family. Included are items regarding the estate of Edison s late father, Samuel, and the financial situation of Samuel’s friend, James Symington. Other documents relate to the death of Mina Edison’s brother, Theodore Miller, from wounds received in the Spanish-Amcrican War and to the wartime army service of Edison’s son, William Leslie Edison.

1898. Edison, T.A. - Family - Edison, T.A., Jr. (D-98-07)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents by and about Edison’s oldest son, Thomas A. Edison, Jr. Included are several letters written by Edison, Jr. to his friend, Edward J. Redington. Other items pertain to Edison, Jr.’s business activities. There is also a note by Edison to Thomas Commerford Martin, co¬ editor of the Electrical Engineer, regarding his son’s personal and intellectual shortcomings.

1898. Edison, TA. - Financial (D-98-08) [not filmed]

This folder contains routine correspondence and other documents relating to Edison's personal investments and other financial interests. Included are items pertaining to personal loans, bonds held by Edison, and his account with J. P. Morgan & Co.

1898. Edison, TA. - Unsolicited Correspondence - Advice (D-98-09)

This folder contains routine correspondence suggesting improvements in Edison’s inventions, asking him for advice on technical matters, or requestinghis assistance in improving or promoting an invention. Also included are unsolicited letters from other inventors about their work.

1898. Edison, TA. Unsolicited Correspondence - Business (D-98-10) [not filmed]

This folder contains routine correspondence requesting agencies for Edison's inventions, inquiring about their purchase or cost, asking for other information about his inventions, or seeking to do business with Edison. Included are several inquiries from Mexico regarding phonographs and kinctographs and other foreign- language documents.

1898. Edison, TA. - Unsolicited Correspondence - Personal (D-98-11) [not filmed]

This folder contains routine personal requests, fan mail, and other items for which no record of a significant response by Edison has been found. Included are letters asking Edison for educational advice, personal information, loans, charitable contributions, exhibits of his inventions, and other personal favors.

1898. Edison, TA. - Visitors (D-98-12)

This folder contains letters of introduction and requests to visit Edison or to tour his West Orange laboratory. Included are documents regarding arrangements for visits by Josef Hofmann, the renowned concert pianist; and by former Governor J. Turner Morehead, accompanied by former laboratory employee Robert T. Lozier. Substantive letters from individuals who visited the laboratory or company shops on business can be found in their appropriate subject folders.

1898. Edison Manufacturing Company (D-98-13)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Manufacturing Co. Included are documents regarding the company’s taxes for 1898 and items concerning a new fan-motor outfit for telephone booths. Related material can be found in D-98-22 (Motion Pictures).

1898. Electric Light - General (D-98-14)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to electric lighting and power. Included are documents regarding the use of silk filaments for incandescent lamps and items about low-voltage lamp experiments. There is also correspondence concerning the annual convention of the National Electric Light Association. 6

1898. Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York (D-98-15)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New York. Included is a report by Richard R. Bowker, first vice-president, discussing company operations. There is also a comparative statement outlining the price, capacity, and number of the various meters within the company's system.

1898. Electric Light - General Electric Company (D-98-16)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to Edison’s involvement with the General Electric Co. Included are a letter regarding a request from the Smithsonian Institution for a collection of incandescent lamps; an item concerning the presentation to Edison of a "Z" dynamo originally used on the S.S. Columbia ; and a report pertaining to a proposed reduction of the company’s capital stock. There are also three letters from the company’s Patent Department, addressed to attorney Richard N. Dyer, in regard to Edison’s alternating-current application, case no, 220,800.

1898. Exhibitions (D-98-17)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents concerning electrical and industrial exhibitions in the United States. Included are letters regarding the exhibition of Edison electrical apparatus at the Trans- Mississippi and International Exposition and an exhibit of the Edison ore concentrating process at the Philadelphia Electrical Exposition.

1898. Expanding Pulley (0-98-18)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents regarding the technical and commercial development of an expanding pulley for variable-speed gears in motor cars. Most of the letters are by Charles M. Johnson, co-inventor of the pulley, and pertain to the patenting and marketing of the invention.

1898. Glenmont (D-98-19)

This folder contains correspondence relating to Edison’s home in Llewellyn Park. There are only 2 items for 1898. Both are letters from S. D. Willard & Co. regarding landscaping at Glenmont.

1898. Mining - General (D-98-20)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to mining and ore milling. Included are documents regarding the business of the Edison Iron Ore Concentrating Co., Edison’s interest in the Ortiz gold mine in New Mexico, operations at the Ogden mine, and foreign ore milling matters. There is also one letter concerning a proposed visit by Edison to various Portland cement plants in Pennsylvania. Many of the documents have extensive Edison marginalia.

1898. Mining - Mines and Ores (D-98-21)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to mines and ores to be bought, sold, worked, or tested. Many of the letters were written in response to reports of Edison’s interest in developing a separation process for gold ore.

1898. Motion Pictures (D-98-22)

This folder contains correspondence regarding the technical and commercial development of motion pictures. Most of the letters are addressed to the Edison Manufacturing Co. There are also copies of outgoing letters by William E. Gilmore, general manager of the company. Included are documents relating to arrangements with William C. Paley for filming the events of the Spanish-American War. There are also items pertaining to efforts by the company to procure film stock from Lumiere & Sons and Eastman Kodak; and letters from the American Parlor Kinetoscope Co. concerning problems with the motion pictures purchased from the Edison Manufacturing Co. Related material can be found in D-98-24 (Phonograph - General).

1898. Patents (D-98-23)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents to and from Edison’s patent attorneys and agents relating to domestic and foreign patent applications, patent litigation, and other patent matters. Included are letters regarding patents for Edison’s ore milling system, the phonograph, and the kinetograph. Many of the items pertain to patent applications on Edison’s ore milling system in various foreign countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and Spain. Among these are several letters exchanged between attorney Frank L. Dyer and his brother, Lt. George L. Dyer, who was stationed at the U.S. Legation in Madrid at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. One of the letters contains comments by George L. Dyer about political conditions in the United States and Spain on the eve of the war. Related material can be found in D-98-16 (Electric Light - General Electric Company).

1898. Phonograph - General (D-98-24)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the commercial and technical development of the phonograph. The documents pertain primarily to business relations among the various Edison phonograph companies, foreign sales by the United Slates Phonograph Co., and litigation involving the legal firm of Hayes and Lambert. Included are comparative sales statements for the Edison Phonograph Works and the National Phonograph Co. for the years 1896-1897 and a 10-page memorandum in Edison’s hand regarding relations between the Edison Phonograph Works and the Edison United Phonograph Co.

1898. Phonograph - Edison Phonograph Works (D-98-25)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Phonograph Works. Included are a lengthy report regarding the history and financial condition of the company and specifications for the construction of a new factoiy adjacent to the West Orange laboratoiy.

1898. Phonograph - Edison United Phonograph Company (D-98-26)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the Edison United Phonograph Co. Included are items regarding the company’s financial problems; business relations with the Edison Phonograph Works and with inventor-manufacturers Gianni Bettini and George V. Gress; the formation of the Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co., Ltd.; and contractual disputes with French and German phonograph syndicates. There are also company financial statements. Most of the letters are by G. N. Morison, secretaiy of the company, and are addressed to Stephen F. Moriarty, vice-president. There is also correspondence by Moriarty and by John E. Searles, president of the E.U.P.C.

1898. Phonograph - National Phonograph Company (D-98-27)

This folder contains correspondence regarding the business of the National Phonograph Co. Much of the materialpertains to the Maryland Phonograph Co., sales agent for the National Phonograph Co. Included are letters concerning difficultiesin estnblishingcompany operations, relationswith local distributors, and a dispute with agents representing the American Graphophone Co. Most of the letters are from Charles R. Miller co¬ owner of the Maiyland Phonograph Co., to his brother-in-law, Walter S. Malloiy, president of the National

1898. West Orange Laboratory (D-98-28)

Tin's folder contains correspondence, reports, and other documents relating to the operations of the West Orange laboratory. Included are two items in Edison’s hand concerning orders and prices of chemicals. There is also material regarding the inspection of the boilers and the movement of the storage building and hose house. °

1898. Dick (A.B.) Company (D-98-01)

This folder contains correspondence relating to the business of the A. B. Dick Co. There are only 2 items for 1898, including a letter regarding Edison’s sale of his stock in the company.

Both documents have been filmed.

1898. Edison, T.A. - General (D-98-02)

This folder contains documents, primarily correspondence, covering a variety of subjects. Some of the material relates to personal matters. Documents that deal with more than one subject or that do not fall under the main subject categories are also filed in this folder. Among the items for 1898 are letters regarding Edward H. Johnson’s relationship with Edison; a proposed letter to President William McKinley on behalf of the inventor, Oberlin Smith; and the accidental death of the British electrical engineer, John Hopkinson. Also included are letters pertaining to the gift of a phonograph to long-time Edison associate, Spencer Trask, items about William J. Hammer’s search through Edison’s records for documentation of electric railway experiments, and a brief note from Andrew Carnegie to Edison.

All the documents have been filmed except for those that duplicate the information in selected material.


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editorial rooms ; ■. . :i

Jan. 14, 1898.

Orango , N. J... :

My dear Mr. Edison:-

I have your dispatch. I enclose copy of an

installment from Mr. Serviss's story in this Evening's Journal.

The announcement made at the top of the installment reads as follows:

"Edison '.s. Conquest of Mars, by Garrett P. Serviss. (Copyrighted 1898, by Garrett P. Serviss.)"

Thomas; A. Edison, Esq;

Mr. Serviss called upon you at my request. My original hope was that you might consent to collaborate in this story. Mr. Serviss, however, that you were unwilling to do so, but that you were willing to figure in the story as the .hero, if Mr. Serviss, the author, saw fit to use you in that way. You have not been used * otherwise, as you will see if you will read the' story as it progress¬ es. The title of the story distinctly gives you as the hero of it and Mr. Serviss as the author. X shall be greatly obliged if you will tell me in what way our announcement says that you are. a col- . laborator . - - '• v

The story is called Edison's Conquest of Mars, as it might have been called. Tesla' s Conquest of Mars, or Emperor William's, or John L. Sullivan's. There is nothing in this title to connect you with the authorship. -

You havo onco or twice been good enough to oblige me with excel¬ lent interviews, when I have /sent reporters to you or called upon you personally, and I should be extremely sorry to publish anything concerning you that could; be ; considered derogatory or -unfair As to the use of-the distinguished name of an cc^ia't living c irfoot't’



in fiction, I may .refer you for precedent to Mr. John Brisben Walk- . er's story, "Our War with Spain," now running in The Cosmopolitan.

In this story, the American minister to Spain is hanged and Mr. Wan- amaker is made the hero as you are in Mr. Serviss's story.

I should be glad to hear from you that you had acted in regard ... to The Sun card without looking carefully into the matter.

The Evening Journal presents you to its readers as the hero in an extremely clever fiction story— which seems to me to be perfectly legitimate and to which, Mr. Serviss te^ls me, you assented. It pr ab¬ sents you in no other light.

Yours very truly,


/Union Station and Terminal Associations.



Ticket Agent.

Detroit, Midi .,{JXiUi/ . / U. . 189.//^

At, Or <4 4

p cUCls/ic.1 ^ Ct*.(r JfiL

Mi Mu tfj. . thdacf ^ .//, {J/zfc/icM

pK~) t.u$ L u ' 1 fk r /s)l V t A ''tu, v .4-1 V tit U\ J

44 wo at. ^LC'J /C 4 ^ i/ ^

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'VCZ-tpLu if \L^L/‘/c^' t A'1 ** ^ ,'

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Iji, 7 i/&Jj i ^cA-uo Ut. Sr~ /l l u£i <■! /- 4^ /y^V/,v t_

OluMf hctcM a4-c| .^7 ;//4 4//J-

* v4 V y&ctcl^cCirr Cj tX- /Oi-'Sv /i 4 tc

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4 V/4~ •(..


/tear Tic^tkr M(\ /h

Ala/'" 71/

CC-/L i aj4' Hc^tM

'L A-«-v£. / £ (..

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yiL AlJ 4c 4

44 £4c -A- AA Avc’^

V 'ii-tLj cL /tt K/tf/ytLcCcX^ X4

//W /ll 4f 4lC ^ ^Ul- 4/4 /AA &ttUj t/ /7v- i Vt-Uy ( X/l /U/M\ hul

t'L ^ IX-'UC-isf U Aw- Zi/^OC lo tXf/vvL^

4/4 A h'\Jjj~ Jj MLc{ /d't c-^u \j C'Ll-cL

jskuM 4/4" ALt/- 4 7uiaMA lUYl'if


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tt d h U^y-'"

, , IZ^^.cC,

J. <~d (-

C/ "'~'v

f y ^H

Union Station and Terminal Associations.

O-i- aP i wz.^ tfp K cl '-'^c-c\r Ja > ^ hi l-- -

y(Jc c! \9 0 l y4 l c-A A n

\>LU\£ /l^ w^/Va LrUiJ, / lH <. <.{& pi v pA

/Ju tlH^ed QPylUL LLiut\ ^Lc L c t .

^ U/l u L ) i L p

TinCi hytCc H&, y% , Jk' A t~ l uu ^

§ Tiritg. -o PiL-L-c. Tin C-L c-l,

'AlTLul t'~ar /mPPl - fe4.yiLLu,

>lV / lycPt At-iy ( z /'V>LAiv\_ Prctc yAci.^ y, 4T

ljy^P\JL ^ Pc^U' lflj.p- P/L Lt A>^iLti4 ' p Pv\y\. T O' Jy(_~ . /v/'<V'£_^ v3\z^ ”^L A U


/ P^aT'

•— \ /O/C/iL^, PTluj Atut^ ^lcA

Pul ^ ^

T^p £o.


f.&£~ -?U Z

>A. COCKR^ BANKER General Merchandise.

{OouJJ a ^tocy r

JL-y YJ-jly- tXZeruv; Pi/ AeAf Pv~T^vxa(sy dys Aerxnei? ctay *

Asvo-IA, f &0-L<. coo^j d JilleLyJ-J G-OJ-a-y

~Azl.z < ffusv jl ia<- tdc J- iJLLla^j . ido-tA. ctAA-d- J* CLv-e. 'yvLc^d^

-jdt dtLst^L.^ °/tS' 1 CU^-*d ^ CTJLtJljLAt^dwdr JL

0~i.J, <J^ yA'CU/t- X-f-JL**- 'Y ^-omLc^ ClJackaaI-

C'V f 6u*-d JaJjLay y ^aa^AamaaCY I/laaaP -rcrr d </'Kaaao-?si

TvJLtdi h o~Ui , o~^~fdc eLcuy\j u/JLa

l/X‘ 1 C Ci/tA-d &AIA-Ast~ OYTAXaA-AA C&JijYVJ JP^A i I '-Jd-ieuy ^—d. TZ^aCaZ^Aay , @aua*~ y

sdJ j f±*n*^tA^CcAt^ add "tAU fe(TY t~" I (aJ^Jay A_^fyv-fA CChLaa/ Pb A-L4Aslt( /f°yy usxvfcc^ yyyLcLLt f (ZLvaJ. C^o-tA^y' (ZeLAYyA^o-iY ; GU*-d- YrL-AiAH-AAy £ > > L*a\/ (Zay PaZcJUaJ Z-AfL^jJy caaaaaaAz

W Jl<UJz- ctyVc^lOet </XYry4tMs 0^oavA/ yd dlAU/L 'Jd CU3aLA-a1 lAA^PiAA-oly (tTAaP (ZJl (y&XAAV YTO/ACAaLy(<.

rddo~LC ZaaOaZ 4a O^aa-Ua, 4 Ao-V-y Zp( ^Clhc^tc YYLCU'AA, GLO<d &- /WaJLjI' 'q^' ^dZlZc* } uJuJU J OaIAA, dZiAAtAtAA-- (AtaJaa C*jZ%d<AA*

lAAAAA>yA^dAACtJZ dtASV Y (TTAa1aa>Ia^ALAsA7 , OaIA-aL OiAstu C( deUAY u dAr~ilA-sA. K/ (JTOjZ a. S~0~y caa. fflzv P~ </d<AAyinA. t %d UYtyiA/4~ d/AA /YLoai^u. 0±Z ydtAAArc/ f$cur PuZtfZ, Unus a~ ZZtZJo Oatux, !A fyoAvyjCtky ChP Pp0- ivy Z d d<AAvinA- COiyy fZ ,

, dxiQM- iiffnz- 'y-jLdaJU SWAI- Pe srYUAAAiL? d

^ -P'l tUfO' (Z; ,veAi«AUAj JZa (^Q-aU'CiyyZZLe.A.

0 ^ 0JA ri<

jfCUsY OtA-A&erP^i L,

i-y T^tz



(Sttf arv otz #haa <5c

V/. J. Jonkts , Efl'i. , 130 Broadway, Roar air :~

5aoy. , City.

March 33d, 1803.


- «a in receipt of your favor of March the Slot, and wo n just on the point of send ins yon o oiatdnonl of what I have alroadyaoeon- pliohod, together with tho paporo collected for your consideration. i have initialed oaoh of those papers for identification, and tho ones', which I have marked on tho corner with a star are of particular inter¬ est and inportanco.

Lettors of Chars. %

Hughos sent from Menlo Park to Thonnrs a.

Ed in on, 05 5th Avo.

, Fob. 3d

. 1033

« 14


llov. 38, .1883

" 17

Doc. 4 8

8 33


8 5 8

Apr. 8

8 18


Oot. 10 1831

" 10




«• . 31 1003


« 30


I.ottorc of

Chao, T,


to saraiol .instill’, go . 5th. Avo. ,

Fob. 17, 1383

Doc. lot

m imp.

Mar. 31 *'

8 4


Apr. 11 »

hotter of Thom Logans?. Honlo Park, Feb. 13th, 1003 to Thors.

A. Edison, C5 5th Avo.

Letter of Car Kfg. Co., liar, ,37th, 1333 , relative to i’onlo Park pancongor car.

Letter of j, H. Pullar-, Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 17, 1383, to Then. A. Edition, velati ve to tho construction of an electric trwrwav in that plaoo.

Lott or of J-. a. Drill, April Cth, 1883, to Thor,, A. Mu loon, rolatlvo to Car Body-.

Lottor of Goo. V: Croon, Jan. 0, 1883, to Thors, a. Edition, rolatlvo to hio work on olootrio railroads.- Mote There in contsirtor-

ahlo oorronpondenoe with Mr-. Greer, which you night oaro to have.

Letter of F. F. Lowio of the Clovoland-Palnocvillo-Ashtabult*. R. R. Co., April 3th, 1883, donir In.-; infernal iosi and cootrs of Edison's railroad tsyoton.

Lottor of Major Paten, Mar. Od, 1833, to c. G. Curtirs, invit¬ ing hln to join railroad non in an inspection of tho olootrio road at l.tonlo Park.

Letter of John Ott , Menlo Park, Fob. 13, 1883 to Thors. A. Edison, S5 5th Avo.

Letter of Philip s. Justioo & Co. , «„v. mm* ibbi, rolativo to tho equipping of the Minnesota Roacl.

* ,h * ,I,QtiG: of v/- L- HoCrory, President of the Minneapolis . I.yndal Rai]way* referrinS to application of Edison's system to ^ l datod AUS- 31st’ 1882; lotter °f W. L. Mocrory, Odt. railS. ° r ,S lnl'omatlon of results of tests on Edison's electric

. SfJ,ter,fLAlxftln CorMn’ resident of the Lons Island r. R. •Co., AUo. .,5th, 1883, to 33. P. Pabbri, offering to give part of road for equipment with Edison's system.

ancl Jh°^Qo, + Ed^0n, J!ay 84 1882 t0 Mward Biedormen,

f/ un® 8d’ 1882 t0 Edward Suportae, showing Edison is ready ^ or the equipment of an electric railroad in Switzerland 7 as soon as these parties have their syndicate ready

Transit VVymn’ PrRRidont of tho Staten Island Rapid

Co*’ lcl'Jtivc to tne use of Edison's system on Staton Inland nith tho Mint.., ..lUMns m, SS?

Snntn. . L°ttor of Erastuo Wyman, referring to visit with prominent

friends to Ssu’t? ?er1?ent °C tl10 Iron steamboat Co. , and other friends to visit the electric railroad, Bee. ,14, 1383.

voiona „,„„iI,,0t.tGr °f ■^aRtur! v/yinail< expressing satisfaction at tho mar- elous v.orl. snown by Edison's oleotric railway, dated Dec. 30, 1883 Vi Hard original draft of agreement between Howy

h 1(; ”an“ r10®* A. Edison, relative to the building of two and one half miles of electric railway with freight and passenger locomotives,

Eleetnio rTlTL0f Se?,t‘ ?8*h* 1881 fron! thG Directors of tho Edison Eloctrlo Light Co. , authorising Edison to negotiate with Villard.

Letter of June 34, 1833, from '•’Ira. H. Kelly, roiativo to the equipment or the BrooMyn Brjte, ,1th eMetl, nS&f.X.

TTonsr. n n °„ f " * ’’ Wmn »' Superintendent of Elizabeth & HowrK Morse R. E. Co., desiring to inspeot Edisonlo railroad.

- . . rron Thayer, Commies loner of Pair mount pnwv

°°eot !S’oSfr th° propo,5,3d vl8lt to Menlo Parle to 'ini

»rin in G3""t-H railroad; package of papers marked "A", "3", »c« a 1883? cil0le' ^ving estimates of oost of electric railroad in 1881 &

. Lett or of S. M. Johnson, Nov . 33d. irri mi.hto *-

sms^snsn s iwHw

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13, and ApJet3WMR’r";in^fG+ °£ *ho Phna^lDhia Press of Mar. 3 a Hark, and Villard 'fentowlse. * oleotrlc ranr°ad at Menlo

electric railway fo/S »Ra?Jway ’a^-^"5 Rrtl°1° Qn Edit3on's resistances in series with the armature ’and f io^o irouiL: 0®,lat ^


As I have already stated to you , I havo boon through on onor- rnous amount of papers to secure those which I send you. Host of the boxes of papers which I have bean "chrbttgh, contain a heterogeneous Mix¬ ture of letters, ost inatcc, contracts, telegrams, lamp reports, pay rolls, she to hoc, and othor lainoollanoouo matter. It has taken no* nearly a wool: to find these paper o and go ovor thorn', and I have boon through nearly all of the boxes, which contain the archives of this period,. I think that it is highly desirable that I should finish tho rest while I an at it, and this will not take a great while longer.

In addition to thoso papers, I expect to run hurriedly through tho copy books containing ?v, Edison's letters; and also -through a col¬ lection of. drawings, sketches and blue prints, among v/hioh Mr. Edison thinks I will find some drawings which will prove of value, and whioh he has given me a memorandum of.

. In going ovor the papers whioh I have already inspected, I have found Quito a number of documents, whioh it seems to mo might prove •of value in come or the Company's oases, and should bH among your ar¬ chives. To oite instanoes— Copy of Pacindtti's original article on the Pacinotti Machine, translated by the Assistant Librarian of the British Museum; correspondence betwoon Edison and Longworth Powors, relative to securing duplicate of Faoinotti'o Machine,, which it ray in¬ terest you to know was built by Paoinotti himself; correspondence of Batchelor and Liosqs, relative to the Paris exhibition, referring to Swan's method of lighting, system of distribution, and many othor things; correspondence of Edward K. Johnson tp Thos . A. Edison relative to matters in England, use of safety catches, fixture inoullat ion, reg¬ ulation of dynamos, and many other matters; paper by. F. J. Sprague on electrical distribution, prepared for "La I.uralere Eleotrique "in 1681; report of John Hopkin3on on Edison's machines, and on his own invention for reversing tho current by device shifting brushes.

Those will serve to indicate what I moan., and ifit agrees with your ideas, I will get thoso papers and others together, and if there is no objection on Mr. Edison's part, willsend thorn over for your inspection. I think that it would be well for you to give mo a memor¬ andum of any oases now on your docket, on whioh you desire information, as I can probably put my hand on papers of value, while I have fresh in mind the location of many of the documents I have already been thfough.

After conversation with Messrs. Edison, Batchelor, Unton, Ott Randolph and others, I an sanguine of finding very Bhortly, other pa¬ pers bearing upon the points which you have requested mo to look up. i o anno l say exactly how long it will take me to finish up the rest of tho archives, but I will hurry up tho matter with all possible speed, and l will of course, be guided by your {Judgement in my further search¬ es and in the selection of such napors as I have reforrod to, and oth¬ ers which you may have in mind.

Yours very truly,

Electrical Exhibition Company


New York Electrical Society


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^pri! 3d, 18P8.

W. jy»Jenks, Sen., secy., 130 Broadway, city. Dear 3 ir :-

Supplement ins ray report of March 33c!, 1808, X Bond you none further pap or o wkioli hear particularly upon the commercial rstatun of Mr. Edison! o work in oonnootion with thooleotrio railroart^’bporation at ■Menlo Park, K.J.; and the negotiation;], agreoraontn , correspondence , estimates^ calculations, personal vipits, &oi., relative to tho equip¬ ment of electric railroads under the Edition System between Rahway end Perth Amboy, II. J., Fairmonnt Park, Philadelphia, Pa., Manhattan Elevat¬ ed R.Rof Hew York, Brooklyn h Atlantic Boacth R.R. , Long Inland R.R. ,

How York, Staten Island, R. R. , Hew York, storage battery for Crystal Palace, London, Eng, building of large locomotive for England, and con¬ trol of system in Great Britain; roads for Cuba, ^enesuela, U. S. of Colombia, Switzerland and other placegy. notably Minnesota and Califor¬ nia. Some of those places roforrod- to in ray previous report.

I send you herewith statement of coot of motive. power and lighting of Manhattan Elevated Railway for t ho month of April 1890. Letter of June 8th, 1880, from Secyy Goddard, referring to the visit iof Col. Hain, Mgr. and Mr. llavarro, orie of the .principal Directors of tho Manhattan •Elovatod 'R.R. to Menlo park to inspect the Edison syotom..

Extract of Major 8. 3. Eaton's letter to Thos. A. Edison,

May 16th, 1383, referring tc the visit of Mr. Shaw and Pennsylvania of-, ficials to Monlo Park, with a view of applying Edison's Electrio R.\ K., to Pair mount Park. Letter also refers. to Major McLaughlin's impatience about tho road for California. (Major McLaughlin was associated with Mr. Edison in his mining interests in California).

Page 337, letter book "A", Edison Laboratory, lot tor to E. H. Johnson of London, from Samuel Instill, K.Y. , dated February 4, 1833, requesting information relative to elevator 7,hioh Mr'; Edison desired to apply to Manhattan Elevated R.R. in New York, in connect! or, with tho oquipraont of that road with his system.

Letter page. 00, letter book "C", from Tho a. A. Edison, Monlo Park to Theo. Turrettini, Geneva, Switzerland, of Sept. 1st, 1883, re¬ ferring to arrangements concluded to build two fivg-nile Edison Electric Railroads in Gonova; also extract from letter of Thos. A. Edison to Theo. Turrettini of of Aug. 37th, 1982, referring to sending working drawings of locomotive & o., and giving detailed explanation of insulat¬ ing track, bonding same, testing, fto.

Pago 538, letter book "A", extract of letter of Thos. A. Edi¬ son to c. f. Havemeyer, II. Y. , referring to sending skilled workmen to Geneva to equip Edison Elcotrio Railway systora.

Vi. j. J. (13)

Letter book «o», page ISA , lot tor of Then A. Edison, to pro::- ol-Morgan & Co. of Copt. i;j, 1388 , roforvlnc to expend ituros on account of Snell oil looonotive.

Letter of Aug. 7th , 1880, of a. P. Lowrey to Tho a. A. Edison, referring to going 1 '>r> Railroad natters, anti seeing Manors. Vlllard, Pabbri, and llavarro about sane, ami dusiro of Hr. Pabbri interest in;.; himself in the buninonn In England.

Prow' Edison 'o Laboratory scrap book, No. 7, article from Railway corvloo Maganino, Decor, ber , 1881, referring to equipment of fifty miles o'" road in Minnesota by Thos. A. Edison for President Vil- lard.

Prom lot tor book "C", Orange Laboratory, page loo, lot tor of Thos, A. Edison to Sraotuo Nyrian , referring to arrangomnl a for supply¬ ing -olootric looowotlvo on fuutaor. Inland K. it*

Letter of Geo. ?!. JTopkinn to Then. A. Net In on, Aug. 17th, 1080 ' oontaino note in "Ninon 'a handwriting, suggesting t)mt the 3d it or of the so lent if. lo American coned to Menlo Par)-: to no, 3 tho oloo trio looo- notivo climb tho 830 foot grado.

Lottor of E. ?. Nolls to Thos. A. Ndlnon, desiring to ownlot in tho introduction of Edition' a system.

Lottor of TSobt. Podge to Thos.' A. Edison, Oot. 10th, 1880, relative to equipment of oleotrio freight railway.

I.oftor of Chau. N. Levis to Thos. A. Ed loon, July 12th, 1880, roforriito to tho doairo of hlnwolf and hin friend Mr. Danker to anoint Edison f inane l olly and othe-^wlne, in the dovoloponent of hin olootric railroad system.

Lottor from Edgar Thompson. Stool Co. to Thos, A. Ed loon, ro- lati-o to quotation on stool rails. Appended note by Mr. Edison, re¬ ferring to ontimton then being nude for portion in South America.

Lottor of Don,), ?. Sutler to Thou. A. Edison, July 7th, 1830, exprosolftg beliof in Edison's el 00 trio R. plans, and offering as¬ sistance of himoo If and friends.

Lottor of 3. ?. M or h o’ iso , to Thors. A. Edison, referring to visit of promoters of Brooklyn ft Atlantis Boaoh 7ile voted R.R. , to Menlo Park to examine Edison's -Eleo